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Soul Number – Inner Essence

Your Soul Number is the Body in which you feel most closely aligned with your Soul, It is your inner-most essence and you as a healed expression of your Inner Child.

Mastery Number – Homework/Karma

Your Mastery Number is your Homework in this lifetime. The Body you are learning lessons in, in this Lifetime. If you don’t do your homework, the lessons remain hard. If you do your homework, this area becomes your Mastery.

Gift Number – Know, Own, Hone

Your Gift is that which you are here to share with the World! Imagine if your Gift is hummus and everyone in the world only has pita bread… Your Gift is meant to be Shared!!!

Knowledge Number – Previous Lifetimes/Dharma

Your Knowledge Number is the area that you have been mastering over several lifetimes and can be tapped into to access wisdom. It is the area you learn lessons in most quickly because it is not the first time around for you.

Life Path

Your Path Number can show up out of balance unless you are on your Path! Your Path Number depends on the other Primary Numbers in your chart and should be incorporated in some way into your everyday life!

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