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Hello! I generally go by Leah and I am a E-RYT Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist based out of St. Louis, Missouri. I also offer Sound Baths and Meditations as well as host seasonal retreats! I love traveling with my three boys (8, 8 & 6) and experiencing life with them. I love music and singing karaoke and attending live shows! I love deep conversations with those around me. I love learning new things and finding lessons in everything. Life is amazing.

My specialty is Numerology and specifically, the 10 Body System. I host 6- month virtual group courses and 1-on-1 courses that promote Spiritual and Personal Development through the understanding of these 10 Light Bodies of Consciouness. These courses help you understand yourself better by helping you identify limiting belief systems and release subconscious patterns that help you step into your true path. This ultimitely improves your relationships and communication, and promotes joy, peace, and ease in your life.

My love is massage therapy and my clients appreciate the attention that I put into releasing their knots and tightness and feeling the muscle and fascia melt and relax. I love releasing the neck, shoulders, hips, and even abdomen for clients. I spent most of my 20’s in pain and limited my physical activity due to an injury while in the Air Force. Once I understood more about the body, through my yoga and massage trainings, I was able to experience relief that I never thoguht possible. I use this knowledge to help clients as I have experienced many of the same issues!

My massages are tranformtional and so many receive relief after even one visit! Regular visits have allowed clients to experience a different quality of life as I explore different areas of the body that are holding tension that you may not even be aware of. After your session, relax in the complimentary zero-gravity chair with tea, for optimal post massage lymphatic drainage

I was a resident of an Ashram that had two gongs, and I realized upon my return to St. Louis, gongless, how critical sound and vibration are for creating harmony and stability in the body and mind. I now offer Sound Baths throughout St. Louis for public and private events with my own 32″ inch Paiste Gong, 7 Crystal Singing Bowls, 9 Himalayan Singing Bowls and Koshi Chimes. You can also find me every Full Moon and New Moon offering Sound Baths with Kundalini Meditation and Mantra at my space in Clayton.

More Fun Things about Me!
Dharma Quality – Enthusiasm
Numerology – Soul 1, Karma/Mastery 7, Gift 11, Destiny/Knowledge 3, Life Path 11
Astrology – Cancer Sun, Scorpio Rising, Pisces Moon
Human Design – Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority
Love Language – Words of Affirmation and Quality Time

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